#Design stories-post 01

"I want a futuristic office in my budget"-The client said. He was a simple & intelligent man of different businesses & the office was looking at making their mark in the real estate scenario of Dubai.

I looked at the space-a nice rectangle with complete glazing on one side. I went close to the glazing & peeped out, the Dubai sky was particularly beautiful that day, it was so picturesque that I wanted to bring the sky indoors.

After all, when one speaks of Dubai-its buildings, imagery, one cannot speak without talking of its sea & sky. The cobalt blue forms a background to everything in Dubai.

We then planed spaces around the theme-'the future is flexible'.

We looked at features like-

glass doors which would open out completely to merge spaces, meeting tables which break out & reconfigure & fluid movements for client waiting spaces to encourage people to come & explore the office.

I believe this project was a success also because the client dared to be different!

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