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#Design story-post 3

A veteran gentleman came to me with a motive to upgrade & subsequently upsell his wife's saloon into an attractive wellness center.

An existing space generally has unique constraints. It was made of apartment units bought together & was thus compartmentalized. This prevented light from travelling to all areas of the saloon. Moreover, varied functions which client aspired to house were contradictory to the integrated aesthetic goal of the project.

But, a redesign project, although challenging, when looked at with a keen eye, provides opportunities which can be developed into key design elements.

Optimistic & creative thought process resulted in a module which could be scaled, repeated & used as a derivative to suit each function. This not only rendered an integrated aesthetic but also made the construction activity easy & cost effective. This gave a human scale experience to each station without creating partitions. Lot of storage was also integrated in each module.

Existing columns were used as support to lift them from floor, thus, facilitating maintenance & creating an exciting interior massing!

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