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Rent it but own it!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I wanted to start with something simple to get acquainted with putting my thoughts out there in the open.So guys,this blog is just an example on how one can decorate thier own rented space on a budget-& own the space to create memories.

We all stay in rented spaces at some point of our lives,& inspite of knowing it is not ours forever,we spend a significant time there.Being an expat in Dubai,I have spent the last 6 years in rented spaces & have recently found a space with which I am most comfortable-its a walk away from work & close to husbands office as well,the location considerably cuts down the travelling time.Although I enjoy my architects profession & my husband is absorbed in business development,we both look forward to chilling in our space at the end of the day.

This brings me to my first piece of advice which needs to be considered before starting to decorate your space:

1. Visualize yourself using the space

Yes,it is your home & although friends & colleagues would be visiting & one does like to make a good impression,visualize yourself using the space-during festivals,parties,work,routine-all possible scenarios.If you like to read,think of where the books & reading area could go.Set your home such that the setting helps you attain your goals-such that it helps you cultivate your hobbies,helps you communicate better with your family,above all, helps you to have a good time.

2.Keep it minimal

We all tend to buy impulsively,but try to make a wise choice atleast for the major items,a self trick-keep a measuring tape handy.A clutter free home means less maintenance-which means less hassle-which means more time to do the things you have always wanted to do.Give the relaxing chairs a go & buy sturdy,functional sofas,Play with cushions but dont overdo them.Align your select artifacts such that each of them get their due attention.

We always wanted our home to have a bit of indian ethnic touch & tropical modern feel so we added a colourful low seating which also works as a good reading nook.

Tip-Try to keep the wood colour consistent throughout the space.

3.Make sure the natural light enters as far as possible

This rule has always helped me achieve the desired effect-never cut off the natural light.Avoid bulky elements which create big shadows in the interiors & make the room look smaller.Help the natural light come in with the help of sheers,light colors,sometimes glassware-there are many possibilities.

4.Make a personal statement

Think of what best defines your family,what is it that you would like your home to portray-it could be your traveler spirit,cultural background or even a rebellious streak & add in the elements which help you hold onto your favorite attributes.

5.Buy modular furniture

Buy furniture which can be modified to suit various settings & occasions-even visualize in a different apartment-remember,its not a permanent space & you love your furniture.

6.Reuse elements in a creative way

Investing a lot of time in buying a piece & then throwing it away is never pleasant.Reuse your old furniture & satisfy your creative spirit while going easy on the pocket.

Think out of the box for alternative uses of furniture pieces.They could be wall panels,storage shelves,seating benches,get your mind ticking.

We had a wardrobe which we effectively put in the balcony-one cupboard of which serves to store cleaning equipment while the open compartments display our plants.

7.Lastly,Bring in the green

Needless to say,greens add a touch of warmth & liveliness-something that no other element can add.

Truly ,Home is not a place,its a Feeling!

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