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#Villa Design story-post 02

This project is a good example of how critical review of site-its boundary, positioning & accessibility ;can lead to an interesting design solution.

"We want to maximize the potential of our land & allow for future expansion" the client said. They had a lot of spatial requirements of built as well as open spaces with a large family.

We decided to approach the challenging program by exploring various opportunities which lay within the site itself.

starting with looking at the obvious features like views & access, then proceeding to look at hidden ones like the longest dimensional spaces, shading possibilities & functional adjacencies.

Creating a layout plan was then only a matter of exploring permutations & combinations of internal requirements.

A c-shaped courtyard was explored as the most feasible solution resulting in a mashrabiya lit front face & two 'fingers' for kitchen & guest spaces. The bedrooms got ample terrace spaces on first floor with master suite on the second. The suite got views of both-main entrance as well as shaded children's play.

The house thus formed 'a canvas for living' An adobe which grows with its residents & provides settings to create memories.

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